Stairlifts grants in London make it easier for old and disabled people to make the required changes to their home. The stairlift grants are ideally suited to people who need them the most since making many of these changes can be expensive. However, the local council grants are evaluated by the DFG or Disabled Facilities Grant department on a case by case basis.

In this article, we’ll look at how to get the required stairlifts grants in London.

What is DFG?

Local councils offer what’s called Disabled Facilities Grants, which will cover the costs associated with necessary changes that need to be made to a home of a person with reduced mobility. The grant covers various types of changes from minor alterations to adding ramps, installing stairlifts or even a heating system. Most people use it to get a stairlift installed in their home since its one of the most expensive mobility aids.

Who is Eligible for DFG?

Getting a stairlift grant from the DFG requires that you qualify for it, which means that your household needs to have someone with a disability. That person can be you, or someone you are living within the home. Landlords can also apply for a stairlift grant for a disabled tenant. One of the factors that are considered when you apply for the grant is that you should own or rent the property with the intention to stay there for five years at least. However, if you decide to move before that time for whatever reason, you will be required to repay the grant money. It is important to note that for grants over £5000 the period during which you live in the property is extended for up to 10 years.

The grant also requires that the council agrees to the alterations you want to make to the home, and are deemed necessary. That is the only way that the work can be carried out at the property. People are required to apply for DFG before they start getting any work done on the home, as starting before applying may disqualify you. The homeowner will also need to apply for planning permission before any work is allowed to be carried out.

How Long Does It Take to get Stairlifts Grants London?

Well, it does take some time for the mandatory surveys and assessments to be completed by the council before they make a decision. In London, many people are applying for these grants, and so the time it takes depends on how busy the department is, and the length of the queue or waiting list. That said once you submit your application, that’s when they should be able to give you a rough idea of how long it will take.

Generally, it takes up to six months to get some type of response to your application. If you are not eligible for DFG or the application is rejected, the reasons are clearly stated. However, you can still get a chairlift as many charities offer these grants too. So, the council should be able to refer you to a charity for the funding.